My child is a bum-genius

We are a cloth diapering family.  I made the decision mostly because of the horror stories my mother told me about the rash I developed as a baby whenever she put me in a disposable diaper.  Then after some poking around on the internet, the decision was cemented in my mind.  Sure, it might be better for the environment, and you might never have to run out at 2 am to buy diapers but….

have you seen how cute the things are?

the patterns! and colours! and textures! (wool outers I’m taking about you here and the talk is good)

My little one’s bum is wrapped in cotton and soft fleece and something soft called suedecloth instead of rustling and chemical smelling paper and plastic and strange gel stuff.  Instead of being covered in deformed-until-they-are-barely-recognizable stamped on sesame street characters, his bum is cute in marigold, cornflower blue, forest green, vanilla, lavender, aqua and mango.

We are using predominantly Bum-Genius 4.0 one-size pocket diapers and have been since he hit the 8 lb threshold about 6 weeks ago.  I have the ones with snaps because I figured they would last longer than velcro and so that when he is a curious toddler, it might take longer for him to figure out how to take them off!

Things I love about this product:

1) they are soooooooo easy to put on.  They go on just like a disposible…except instead of tape there are two snaps on the right and two snaps on the left to do up.

2) they look good.

3) absorption is customizable.  I can stuff them with one or both of the included inserts or anything else that I can get my hands on.  The infant insert is shorter and thinner than the regular insert.  I also have some hemp inserts that fit in the pocket.  Those are great for nights as hemp is super absorbable compared to its thickness.  I can even stuff the pocket with the cotton prefold diapers we used when he was a newborn.  I love it when I can use one thing for multiple applications.

4) the inside of the cover wicks away moisture so my baby feels dry.  At least, I assume he feels dry since he can’t talk yet.  The inside of a wet diaper feels pretty dry to me.

5) they are super easy to launder.  We are feeding boob milk only at this point so all stools are water soluble.  The diapers go into a lined dry pail (or into a dry bag if we are out and about).  I don’t bother to remove the inserts before tossing them – they tend to get agitated out of the pocket during the wash.  When its time, I dump them into the washer along with the pail liner and run a cold/cold soak cycle.  Then I wash them with half a scoop of this detergent on warm/cold.  The inserts go into the drier while the covers are air-dried.  The covers take 4-6 hours to dry on a wire rack indoors.  That’s it.  No stinkies, no repelling, haven’t needed to “strip” them or do anything fancy…and I live in an area with hard water.

6) they make his pants fit better.  This won’t be true for all babies, but my baby is long and skinny.  If the legs on clothes fit him, the waist is too big.  These diapers are not as trim as disposables so they pad his bum out a bit and fill out his pants.  It’s like a butt-implant, but less permanent, and probably pretty handy when he starts learning to walk.

7) we save money.  These diapers will fit until he’s potty-trainable.  And they’ll still be good for kid number two…and possibly three (hubby and I are still in discussions).  After that, I can pass them along, or sell them.  Try selling a used disposable.

8) they keep massive wet poos contained.  Baby R is now in the habit of saving up his poop for 3-4 days before letting loose with a poo-splosion.  However, we’ve never lost containment with a BG4.0.  Loosing containment is a huge PITA what with all the undressing and crying (baby) and redresssing and crying (mom and baby)…

9) so far, no diaper rash

I love for all the reviews and information and the endless possibilities when it comes to cloth diapering but its dangerous because I keep wanting to try new systems.  Maybe at some point I will find my BG4.0’s stop doing it for me.  Or maybe they won’t.  And that’s what I keep telling myself every time I want to buy another diaper.  This is working….

and that’s more than adequate.


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  1. I’m so wishy washy with cloth diapering. I’m finding it difficult to pull off with two kids. I’m also using pre-folds with covers, and I have a toddler that likes to poop several times a day. I just get so tired of spraying off poo. I’ve especially slacked over the holidays with traveling. It’s been weeks since we used our cloth…

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