I thought better of it

A few days ago I conceived a wild and crazy idea.  I was going to embark on a well-structured and controlled experiment where I would post some fake sample postings on a bunch of parenting websites and analyze the responses for craziness.

I haven’t put my evil plan into motion.  I mulled it over a few days and then I ran it by my husband.  Most of the time, when I check with him about a proposed course of action I already know it’s wrong…I’m just hoping he’ll say it’s okay. We both agreed that it seemed deceitful and mean-spirited.  However, TAF added that it’s unneccessary.  He feels that no matter where I go, I won’t find a message board populated by reasonable people.

Not only has social media actually been shown to be socially isolating, in his words, “The internet is unfiltered crap and is full of crazies.”

Um…I have a blog.  What am I then?

“You’re a tiny fish in a sea of insanity.”

Then he diverged into his favorite rant: “the internet is just a vehicle for porn and bomb-making websites.”  Next time he breaks into that rant I need to have the camera ready so I can get it on video.  It’s quite entertaining.  He can go on and on and on and on without coming up for air.

Then I thought we should make a website that merges porn and bomb-making…and imagining how that might come together distracted us for a while.

Then we had a little spat about how to monetize it.

Then we made up and went to bed.

(note: the really disturbing thing, is that if you put “porn and bomb making” into google image search, you get pictures of cupcakes)

(note: the really really disturbing thing, is that I put “porn and bomb making” into google image search)



  1. Internet rule #1: Don’t feed the trolls.
    Internet rule #2: Don’t poke the crazy.

    Although it sure is funny to break the rules now and then just to drama watch.

  2. Beejrazza · · Reply

    Thank you so much for making me laugh out loud this morning!!! Thank you too for all your posts. The town I live in feels like a bubble of parenting craziness where ‘natural’ and ‘perfection’ rules. My experiences have taught me otherwise but the voices around me can be too loud at times. Thanks for being another voice shedding a different light on things.

  3. Don’t forget looking at funny pictures of cats, which is the chief use of the internet, really.

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