Cocoon your newborn….please!

We’re halfway through World Immunization Week and I wanted to take a brief moment to remind everyone with a new baby (or even a not-so new baby) or a friend with a baby or a relative with a baby or a caregiver to a baby to go and get their TdaP shot if they haven’t already done so.

Why?  Pertussis + infant = badness.  Adult have waning or absent immunity to pertussis if boosters haven’t been given.  Adults may not know they have pertussis…they might think it’s just a pesky cough or a worse cold than usual.  There are pertussis outbreaks all over the freakin’ place.

Check out:


Now turn off the computer, get ye to your doctor’s office and get your TdaP.  If your doc (like my MILs) tells you that you don’t need one, tell them you accidentally stepped on a rusty nail.  Seriously.  Why bring a new mum a casserole if it comes with a side of pertussis for her baby?  And does your friend’s baby really need another novelty onsie?  Why don’t you give her or him the gift of cocooning their newborn as if it were your own.



  1. Fluter4gsus · · Reply

    I am pregnant with my second, due in july, and I’ve already informed close friends and family that if they arent up to date they won’t be touching this baby. Many look at me like I am crazy, there is so much bad information out there.

    On another note, I really enjoy your blog.

    1. Having heard news of pertussis in the Fraser Valley and on Vancouver Island (there was a case in Sooke a few weeks ago) and being due in September, I plan on taking extra precautions with the new addition to our household. It just isn’t worth the risk and it’s a nightmare I never want to face.

  2. Courtney · · Reply

    My husband and I are hoping to start a family. We got boosted around the time I set up a pre-conception appointment.

  3. drsquid · · Reply

    got my flu shot at work and my tdap at my growth scan with my ob. in reading up afterwards it appears that immunity wanes to pertussis after 3 yrs (which is way sooner than they thought). plus getting it 2nd trimester or later increases your odds of passing along some degree of immunity to the babies.

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