We’ve decided to have a UT!!!!

Warning, sarcasm and satire can be dangerous to those without a sense of humour.

Hello everyone!  I am so excited to let you all know that bean #1 is expecting two beautiful white pearly teeth in the next few days.  We are beside ourselves with joy.

After a lot of discussion we’ve decided to have an UT (unattended teething, for those of you not in the know).

My husband and I feel that humans have been teething for millenia and we know that humans were born to teethe and that our baby knows how to do it.  We’ve done all kinds of research and are very informed.  Our parents are not very supportive, they feel we should give him horrible chemicals to “treat” the perfectly natural sensations he’s experiencing but we know better.

We’ve decided to just let our son go with his instincts and allow him to chew on whatever completely natural items he can find on his own. He’s pre-mobile and so far hasn’t shown interest in finding things to chew on which means he must not be too uncomfortable.  He’s expressing the sensations he’s experiencing beautifully and we feel so privileged to be a part of his support team.  It’s been a few long and late nights, but everyone knows that you can’t rush teeth and they know when to erupt.

Have any of you decided to UT too?  We’d love to hear your inspirational stories.  This is a very special time for our family, supportive comments only please.


  1. Meredith · · Reply

    First off, I love you blog!! Just had to say that. 🙂 We went all natural with teething, although I was not aware of the term ‘unattended teething’. With my son, I massaged the gums a lot and I bought an amber teething necklace that he wore, and my 6 month old daughter is wearing now. When you think they are at their worst part, with fussiness, etc they probably are.

    I say, keep doing what you are doing and from the sound of it you are doing great 🙂

  2. Amanda · · Reply

    We were hoping for an UT with my daughter, but the pediatricians pushed us into all kinds of interventions, leading to more interventions. I know that tooth eruption could’ve been more, and every time I see that tooth I remember the trauma it caused and mourn for its eruption. This is why we no longer go to the pediatrician. We know better and my sons teething experience is simply orgasmic by comparison.

  3. Terri C · · Reply

    I do hope you are planning to video the experience! It will be Really Spiritual.

  4. We are UTing too! My LO loves to chew on my shoes and since she can reach them naturally I allow her to. I make sure to keep the ebil chemical pain relievers out of the house so that when my baby girl is screeching in pain I am not tempted to give in and remove the perfectly natural pain. I remind her that it is a pain with a purpose and that she will feel soo amazing and empowered if she teethes on her own with out any intervention. I am sure that she would not feel as bonded to the teeth that she got Tylenol for and that could lead to tooth decay later on.

  5. drkitty · · Reply

    We totally planned to UT, but when the screaming went into the third hour I gave in and rubbed Lidocaine on her gums. We all slept, and she seemed much happier, but I KNOW that if only I had been stronger and more steadfast we could have realised our UT goal. I am so sad that her memories of teething will be forever tainted by the numbing drugs of BIg Pharma.

  6. […] to my UT post, I have been treating my son with over-the-counter analgesics for the last few days.  I am an […]

  7. Snorkel · · Reply

    It’s such a good idea to go natural. Using pain relief in teething makes the teething last longer AND it interferes with Baby Led Weaning as well.

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