I am a wife, mother and anesthesiologist living in Canada.  I’ve spent my entire life trying to achieve…I was the kid with the most ambitious art and writing projects, the high school student striving for 105% (gotta love those bonus points!), the medical school student looking for perfection, the pregnant lady scrutinizing each meal for nutritional content, the new mom logging every minute at the breast, nap, pee and poop…

…and now I’ve had enough.  Lest I disintegrate into a giant quivering stress ball, I have a new mantra:

Long live adequacy!



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  1. Snorkel · · Reply

    I live you, Adequate Mother!

  2. Snorkel · · Reply

    Or rather, I ‘love’ you.

    Geez that was awkward. I might just go over here now…

  3. I found you b/c you were in the first page of Google hits when I was trying to figure out why mortality rates are worse in the US than other countries. Glad to have found you; funny and informative, and pretty much cut from the same “ex-perfectionist” mold as me, seems like.


  4. I can’t believe I’m only just discovering your blog. I am an adequate mother — barely adequate, mostly of the time. My son is doing pretty good considering.

  5. I have a question for you, and can’t seem to find your contact info, so I’m choosing this completely inappropriate forum to ask it. Hope you don’t mind! Would you consider doing a post or something of that ilk on what to expect when one goes in for surgery? Not the actual surgery part…doctors always talk about that. What I mean are the mechanics of the anesthesia. Things like, if I’m going under general, will it likely be given by IV or mask? What’s more common? Do you guys tend to give a sedative first so patients aren’t freaked out? I know not all surgeries are the same, but I’m assuming (from my completely layman’s perspective) that there are some common threads…

    As you know, I have surgery coming up, and my orthopod is too busy giggling to himself over all the bones he gets to crack and screws he gets to drive to talk to me about what’s going to happen before the screwing/cracking/crunching. Sigh. Orthopods. They’re just shop jocks with scalpels, you know?

  6. […] Adequate Mother, who is an anesthesiologist, wrote a very helpful post about what to expect when you’re anesthetized (thank you!). Between that and watching videos of […]

  7. LOVE this! Came across your post about anaesthesia and have just read a whole lot more. I too am a high achiever, always striving to be the best, and am putting off starting a family (much to my hubby’s disappointment) as I couldn’t fathom how to manage a family and continue my career. I now see the light!!! Adequacy is THE way forwards.

  8. JRRooker@aol.com · · Reply

    I’m an anesthesiologist looking for information on anesthesia for c-s. I had a patient who became very, very anxious during her section despite what seemed to be an adequate spinal. I chose to sedate her, first w 1 of midaz, followed w one of fent, another midaz , another fent. 2 and 2 total. My partner says ketamine would of been his choice. This went to committee, and my partner, also the chief, well, he doesn’t do it that way. For my own edification, is there a recommendation or discussion anywhere of these difference approaches?

    1. I’m not aware that there is consensus around this issue. I would assume that the goals would be to manage anxiety without compromising airway protection and ventilation and secondly preserving, if possible, maternal memory of the birth.

      I suppose I would offer conversion to GA in that situation and if refused use small doses of anxiolytic medications. i wonder if precedex would have utility in this situation?

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