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When a good anesthetic goes bad – anesthetic failure during c-section

Someone (thank you Mona Lisa) sent me a link to an article about a nightmare c-section where a woman felt the entire surgery and asked these questions: Why does this happen?  Can it be fixed mid surgery, or does the anesthesiologist have their hands tied?  Several mothers have commented on Navel Gazing Midwife saying this […]

It’s time to face something unpleasant

I have the day off before a night shift so after dropping my baby at daycare, I went for a run this morning.  And that’s when I finally had to admit something to myself. I have stress urinary incontinence. It’s not bad.  I can run and have been running since 4-5 weeks postpartum without any “accidents.”  […]

F(r)ee for service

Once upon a time, there was a country doctor.  He had a black bag and a kindly manner and was probably only called out for births and serious illness, farming accidents etc.  For each of his services, there was a fee.  As he was a private practitioner, he had the freedom to set his fees […]

How old do you have to be to provide good health care?

Several times a week, I have patients ask me how old I am.  I know I look younger than the age stated on my driver’s licence.  When I wear a surgical cap my paltry handful of grey hairs are not visible.  I have some wrinkles, but not many.  My stock response to this question, is “certainly […]

Pain assessment in infants and young children

This last week has been hard on all of us.  And very very confusing. Our poor baby cut his first teeth.  You know how when you read an article about teething it mentions all these associated symptoms like diarrhea and diaper rash and fussiness and even potentially low grade fever?  Then it usually goes on […]

Why observational studies need to be interpreted with extreme caution

Since my son is taking longer and longer naps, I’ve had more time on the weekends to do things…like read the issues of Anesthesia and Analgesia that have been piling up over the last few months. I came across a very interesting observational study by Robert S Greenberg, Melania Bembea and Eugeni Heitmiller entitled, Rainy Days for […]

The mechanics of anesthesia, a post by request.

This post is inspired by the following comment: I have a question for you, and can’t seem to find your contact info, so I’m choosing this completely inappropriate forum to ask it. Hope you don’t mind! Would you consider doing a post or something of that ilk on what to expect when one goes in […]

The value of believing in yourself: the story of Louis Pasteur

Are doctors born or are doctors made?  My first (remembered) career aspiration was to work at McDonald’s.  I was fascinated beyond belief by the register and all its colour-coded buttons.  I wanted to push those buttons so badly. Thankfully I grew out of that.  I must admit that I still love all the buttons and dials and knobs on […]

How terrified we might have been for our children had there not been an Edward Jenner

World Immunization Week began yesterday, on the 21st of April and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how grateful I am that immunization exists.  I’ve written about this before…With every shot my son gets, I breathe a little sigh of relief only to hold my breath again when I read about outbreaks […]

What I’ve been reading…the Women’s Health and Education Center

I stumbled across this site run by the Women’s Health and Education Center which is associated with the UN.  And I really really dig it. Some choice quotes: “The use of techniques and medications to provide pain relief in obstetrics requires an expert understanding of their effects to ensure the safety of both mother and fetus. Positive attitudes […]