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Labour day / wedding day?

Whenever I’ve settled myself, in a semi reclined position, toddler sleeping, with a fashion magazine and a glass of something delicious (which isn’t very often, lets be honest given the amount of dishes and laundry and other mundane household tasks that are created by one adult, one toddler, another adult that eats like a todder and […]

The connection between poor labour analgesia and PTSD

This is my second Mother’s day.  I don’t remember what we did last year.  I remember I had just gone back to work and was relieved to get out of the house and away from the baby to do adult things.  So maybe I wasn’t in much of the correct mood to celebrate Mother’s Day. […]

All I want for mother’s day…

…is a day of not being a mother. I want a day when I can get out of bed whenever I want to.  At 430 AM excited about a mountain adventure or stretching lazily at 1030 AM after a long  dozy sleep-in. I want a day when I can go for a long trail run followed […]

2 cm, 8/10

Okay, so back in the 1980s and 1990s there were a bunch of crappy poorly controlled observational studies that showed that epidurals in labour were associated with a slowing of labour and an increase in caesarean deliveries.  The ACOG then came out with a statement that it would be better to wait to initiate epidural […]

BC Minister of health makes short-sighted and inaccurate remarks…

In a piece in the Victoria Times Colonist a few days ago in relation to an increase in funding for home birth in British Columbia, the Hon. Dr. Margaret MacDiarmid, BC’s Minister of Health, made some very disturbing remarks. MacDiarmid, the former president of the B.C. Medical Association, is encouraging women with low-risk pregnancies to […]

A birth story…I have you to thank for my epidural

I wanted to share with everyone this letter I received from a reader because I think she brings up some important points about the culture our society has created around birth and what should be some very personal decisions made between a woman and her care provider.   I share this with you with her […]

The Canadian Pediatric Society on Breastfeeding

So a funny thing happened – after my post on Sunday, I got a very nice email from the Canadian Paediatric Society pointing me towards more of their resources on breastfeeding. The CPS’ position on breastfeeding, also linked in Sunday’s post, can be found here: The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of […]

Pumping be gone…potential weaning ahead

When I went back to work, I partially weaned my son so that I was only nursing him first thing in the morning before I left and right before he went to bed.  I’ve been pumping right before I go to bed and mixing my milk with formula for him to drink at daycare the next day.  For the […]

Pain assessment in infants and young children

This last week has been hard on all of us.  And very very confusing. Our poor baby cut his first teeth.  You know how when you read an article about teething it mentions all these associated symptoms like diarrhea and diaper rash and fussiness and even potentially low grade fever?  Then it usually goes on […]

Hi ho hi ho….

…it’s off to work I go….er…off to work I went. That’s right.  Things have been kind of quiet here on the blog this week as I’ve been engaged in a time-sucking military-esque operation.  How can one little being add so many layers of complexity?  There are so many steps involved in just getting myself ready to […]