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Dear Hormones…

Dear Hormones, I think that you should know that the postpartum period hasn’t been all rainbows and fairy unicorn princesses. In addition to wobbly mommy-tummy, stretch-marks and boobs that go up and down two or three cup sizes on a daily basis, I’ve had mind-crushing fatigue and vicious mood swings. It’s taken three months for […]

What are homebirthers trying to sell me?

I figured that there had to be something behind the scare tactics and aggressive marketing of the homebirthing/ natural childbirthing movements.  I’ve figured out what it is…. Money. For about $60 a month (the cost of public heath insurance in BC, Canada) I had a hospital birth.  That covered the cost of prenatal care, my own […]

The Adequate Mother Manifesto

When I was pregnant with my first child, I read and I read and I read.  Reading and researching are my preferred methods for dealing with the unknown.  I know people who deal with the unknown by pretending it doesn’t exist, or by pretending it exists within pieces of chocolate cake or on the end […]