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All I want for mother’s day…

…is a day of not being a mother. I want a day when I can get out of bed whenever I want to.  At 430 AM excited about a mountain adventure or stretching lazily at 1030 AM after a long  dozy sleep-in. I want a day when I can go for a long trail run followed […]

Real threats to my child’s health and happiness

There’s been a lot of news items on certain parenting mothering practices.  In fairness, these news items have probably been produced with a similar frequency for the last few years, it’s just now that I am a mother parent that I’ve been noticing them.  Afterall, prior to having a child I wasn’t on the internet reading […]

We’ve decided to have a UT!!!!

Warning, sarcasm and satire can be dangerous to those without a sense of humour. Hello everyone!  I am so excited to let you all know that bean #1 is expecting two beautiful white pearly teeth in the next few days.  We are beside ourselves with joy. After a lot of discussion we’ve decided to have […]