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Hi ho hi ho….

…it’s off to work I go….er…off to work I went. That’s right.  Things have been kind of quiet here on the blog this week as I’ve been engaged in a time-sucking military-esque operation.  How can one little being add so many layers of complexity?  There are so many steps involved in just getting myself ready to […]

So far we are weathering the changes with equanimity

There are major upheavals occurring in our household.  I am going back to working outside of the home next week.  Of course, it’s really not going back.  It’s a whole new reality where my professional self and my parent-self are about to come into contact with each other and will be forced to figure out how to […]


Do you remember playing “hot hot cold” as a kid?  It goes like this, child A hides something and child B looks for it…if child B is going off in the wrong direction, child A says, “cold, cold, freezing,” etc but as child B gets closer, child A says, “warm, warmer, warmer, hot, hot hot.” Well, […]

I thought better of it

A few days ago I conceived a wild and crazy idea.  I was going to embark on a well-structured and controlled experiment where I would post some fake sample postings on a bunch of parenting websites and analyze the responses for craziness. I haven’t put my evil plan into motion.  I mulled it over a […]