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A scree on Andre Picard’s recent op ed…

I don’t think I’ve written a post in a while…more than a year?  I’ve been busy.  But something recently inspired me to come out of my “retirement,” and that something was Andre Picard’s piece in the Globe and Mail, “It’s time to stop treating pregnancy like a disease.” It is so egregious, so ignorant and […]

Real threats to my child’s health and happiness

There’s been a lot of news items on certain parenting mothering practices.  In fairness, these news items have probably been produced with a similar frequency for the last few years, it’s just now that I am a mother parent that I’ve been noticing them.  Afterall, prior to having a child I wasn’t on the internet reading […]

I’m afraid of having an anesthetic

I’ll confess.  I’m afraid of having a general anesthetic. Seem strange given my profession?  Anesthesia is safer than it’s ever been.  I’ve given thousands of anesthetics myself.  I know about the massive observational studies that tell us modern anesthetics are low risk – especially in patients like myself who are perfectly healthy. But I’m still afraid.  […]

Risky Shift

Have you ever wondered why seemingly normal, otherwise rational, people end up doing some really stupid s**t? Risky shift is the phenomenon where a group makes a decision that carries inherently higher risk than a decision that each of the individuals would have made on their own. For example, your teen assures you that they […]

I love my obstetrician

When I found out I was pregnant, I was completely healthy, had no family history of anything scary, and I was in my early 30s.  I am a white middle-class woman.  I am the poster child for a midwifery patient. I chose an obstetrician. My family doctor’s practice is full of young mothers and babies because she loves providing maternity […]