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Parenting M&M Rounds – Baby Gates

We had a near miss today.  Near misses have been on my mind a lot lately…both professionally with the work we do to improve patient safety, and at home.  We talk about near misses and adverse events during morbidity and mortality rounds (M&M rounds) at work…and I thought, I’d really like a parenting M&M round. […]

Labour day / wedding day?

Whenever I’ve settled myself, in a semi reclined position, toddler sleeping, with a fashion magazine and a glass of something delicious (which isn’t very often, lets be honest given the amount of dishes and laundry and other mundane household tasks that are created by one adult, one toddler, another adult that eats like a todder and […]

All I want for mother’s day…

…is a day of not being a mother. I want a day when I can get out of bed whenever I want to.  At 430 AM excited about a mountain adventure or stretching lazily at 1030 AM after a long  dozy sleep-in. I want a day when I can go for a long trail run followed […]

Grandparents vs the IOC

Some of the best advice I ever read regarding infant care was, “don’t participate in the developmental *lympics.”  And, no, I’m not going to type that word in full out of fear that the IOC will send me a cease and desist court order.  Following that advice, however, is easier said than done.  Especially when the […]

Real threats to my child’s health and happiness

There’s been a lot of news items on certain parenting mothering practices.  In fairness, these news items have probably been produced with a similar frequency for the last few years, it’s just now that I am a mother parent that I’ve been noticing them.  Afterall, prior to having a child I wasn’t on the internet reading […]

The Canadian Pediatric Society on Breastfeeding

So a funny thing happened – after my post on Sunday, I got a very nice email from the Canadian Paediatric Society pointing me towards more of their resources on breastfeeding. The CPS’ position on breastfeeding, also linked in Sunday’s post, can be found here: The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of […]

Pumping be gone…potential weaning ahead

When I went back to work, I partially weaned my son so that I was only nursing him first thing in the morning before I left and right before he went to bed.  I’ve been pumping right before I go to bed and mixing my milk with formula for him to drink at daycare the next day.  For the […]

Pain assessment in infants and young children

This last week has been hard on all of us.  And very very confusing. Our poor baby cut his first teeth.  You know how when you read an article about teething it mentions all these associated symptoms like diarrhea and diaper rash and fussiness and even potentially low grade fever?  Then it usually goes on […]

We’ve decided to have a UT!!!!

Warning, sarcasm and satire can be dangerous to those without a sense of humour. Hello everyone!  I am so excited to let you all know that bean #1 is expecting two beautiful white pearly teeth in the next few days.  We are beside ourselves with joy. After a lot of discussion we’ve decided to have […]

The tooth will set you free

Our baby is currently erupting his first tooth.  And Im relieved.  It’s finally here.  After 5 months of biting and drooling we’ve finally made some progress.  Being a very goal-oriented individual, I find that I am sometimes measuring my babe’s progress from milestone to milestone and I get somewhat anxious when a few weeks go […]