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A scree on Andre Picard’s recent op ed…

I don’t think I’ve written a post in a while…more than a year?  I’ve been busy.  But something recently inspired me to come out of my “retirement,” and that something was Andre Picard’s piece in the Globe and Mail, “It’s time to stop treating pregnancy like a disease.” It is so egregious, so ignorant and […]

“Natural,” “green” and other meaningless marketing terms

I was slathering up my baby a few nights ago after his bath when I happened to glance down at the bottle of baby moisturizer and notice that it contained, “natural colloidal oatmeal.” Hmm… I’ve never come across “unnatural” oatmeal…er oats.  Oatmeal is probably “unnatural” since it is processed. Hmm… I’m pretty sure oatmeal doesn’t […]

I thought better of it

A few days ago I conceived a wild and crazy idea.  I was going to embark on a well-structured and controlled experiment where I would post some fake sample postings on a bunch of parenting websites and analyze the responses for craziness. I haven’t put my evil plan into motion.  I mulled it over a […]

He knows how to grow

My mother thinks that moms these days are under tons of pressure.  When she had us, there was Spock and not much else.  Now there are entire bookstores full of parenting manuals.  Everyone is a lay developmental psychologist and we’re still recovering from several decades where it was trendy to blame your parents and childhood for everything.  It’s […]

Ontario plans to save money…will open two birthing centers

Oh my sisters…why do we do this to ourselves? Dalton McGuinty announced that Ontario will provide funding to open two birthing centers, run by midwives, as a pilot project.  Ontario, as you might know, is facing a 16 billion dollar deficit and large cuts to public spending are looming.  So why agree to fund some […]

Adjusting our focus…

It amazes me how we all seem to be well-meaning, but continually just off the mark. The recent uproar from La Leche League about Piri Weepu giving his baby girl a *gasp* bottle just decreased my opinion of that organization’s credibility.  Babies get bottles.  Get over it.  Giving a baby a bottle does not encompass some political […]

Facebook has an opinion about me and it ain’t pretty…

Last week Facebook announced their IPO.  I learned that Bono is going to make close to 1 billion.  I learned that people hate the new timeline and the security and privacy commission has been asked to investigate it.  I learned that Facebook is sitting on a ton of cash.  But most importantly, I learned that […]