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Memorial Hermann Hospital Live Tweets C-Section

This is damn cool. For those of you who are wondering what a c-section is like these 18 youtube videos take you through the entire process.  This c-section occured at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston Texas…they are live-tweeting different operations.  My workplace (and one could argue medicine in general) has such an antiquated approach to […]

Saturday ranty rant rant – celebrities and “natural” birth

This is probably not the kind of rant you might be expecting from reading the title as it’s not directed at Ricky Lake and “The Business of Being Born,” about which I could say plenty.   I’m not really sure Ricky is even a celebrity anymore but nevermind, I’ve already wasted enough words on her. Nor […]

I thought better of it

A few days ago I conceived a wild and crazy idea.  I was going to embark on a well-structured and controlled experiment where I would post some fake sample postings on a bunch of parenting websites and analyze the responses for craziness. I haven’t put my evil plan into motion.  I mulled it over a […]

Risky Shift

Have you ever wondered why seemingly normal, otherwise rational, people end up doing some really stupid s**t? Risky shift is the phenomenon where a group makes a decision that carries inherently higher risk than a decision that each of the individuals would have made on their own. For example, your teen assures you that they […]

Facebook has an opinion about me and it ain’t pretty…

Last week Facebook announced their IPO.  I learned that Bono is going to make close to 1 billion.  I learned that people hate the new timeline and the security and privacy commission has been asked to investigate it.  I learned that Facebook is sitting on a ton of cash.  But most importantly, I learned that […]